INTERnational Fingerprint

THE way to get an FBI fingerprint check done while outside the US.

  • Need to submit an FBI fingerprint background check result for a United States purpose such as professional licensing, getting a US job offer, or to sit for an exam?
  • Want to establish residency in a foreign country, and you're already there? 
  • Need to submit an FBI fingerprint result to a US county court for a domestic purpose such as name-change, adoption, custody, or guardianship of a child?
  • Want to see what arrest information the FBI will submit to a prospective employer if they make a fingerprint-based request?
  • Are the US embassies and consulates telling you they will only take your prints for employment by the US Government itself?

Here are some examples of recent successful FBI fingerprint and photo collection accomplished by our Registered Concierge notaries outside the United States:

  • US State Department country-specific Apostilled fingerprint reports from FBI made ready in 7 days for establishing exPat residency in:.
    • Costa Rica: Exclusive provider for Pura Vida Services based in Dallas Texas and Guanacaste Costa Rica..
    • Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic: Exclusive provider for EOFS Solutions in San Juan Puerto Rico.
    • Canadian provinces, Caribbean, Central American, South American, European countries TBD: Contact us.
  • Retired couple establishing dual US and Costa Rican citizenship, fingerprinted in Costa Rica.
  • RN fingerprinted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for Florida licensing to sit for the NCLEX
  • Physician printed in Germany for Florida license to enable Florida employment closed-circuit TV interviews.
  • Broward county name-change (applicant printed while in Bangkok Thailand)
  • Luxury Florida auto dealership (owners printed & photos taken while in Quebec.)
  • RN wanting to sit for the NCLEX* test for a Florida nursing license (printed while in Kerala State, India.)
  • Physician headed for Ft. Lauderdale (doctor printed while in Manila Philippines)
  • Guardianship in Brevard County (prints being taken in Nigeria)
  • Physician Assistant interviewing for a Florida job. (prints taken while in France)

How it works:

Using patented Self-Capture® Packs, you nominate a local* notary to register online at our secure site, to become an International Fingerprint Concierge Trusted Observer. Upon approval the notary observes your prints, takes your photos, and ships* them under chain-of-custody control to our central US laboratory. There we digitize and forward your prints and photo to whatever agency or authority you specify, in whatever format they require. With a PermaPrints membership we digitize and save that data for submission anew upon request to any other authority, without requiring the person to be fingerprinted again. It's the ultimate in international convenience and speed.

*Service available anywhere FedEx International goes. If shipping to USA by FedEx from your location is available, we can fingerprint and photograph you there. Payments are made online with any card that credits $ (USD), or you can have another person make payment for you. Contact us to set up a dialog, make arrangements, and confirm pricing.

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REQUEST an email reply with pricing and details how to summon the International Fingerprint Concierge to do this for you anywhere that shipping with door-to-door tracking can reach.

What Our Clients are Saying

The best part of this whole process is I never have to go be printed again. Your company has them on file and as I need additional sets sent to other states for processing, all I have to do is call or email you and they are there.
- RN, Clinical Consultation Services

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