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Self-capture™ Fingerprinting Services by National Fingerprint

WHENEVER you need | WHEREVER you are | WHATEVER your requirements. The ULTIMATE in fingerprinting convenience, speed and flexibility.

Remote Fingerprinting - We come to you.

What could be more convenient? With our network of over 22,000 Notaries, one of our friendly Concierges can contact you to arrange a convenient appointment, guide you in making your own prints, and send them to the Lab for processing. You get your fingerprints done on your schedule at your location.

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Self-capture™ Packs

National Fingerprint uses the patented Self-capture™ Pack for both our personal and corporate fingerprinting solutions. It's our exclusive ergonomic method of collecting multiple samples of fingerprints that assures livescan accuracy. There’s no grappling, spray bottles, or standing in line in a police station. Instead you “roll your own” in about 20 minutes.

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Prompt Submission to Florida and other U.S. States

We specialize in non-resident fingerprints for Florida and other states. We do the legwork, securing and submitting all fees-forms-photos to meet current local requirements for the background check portion of your future or renewal non-resident license, permit, clearance, or authorization.

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Your prints don’t change, so why should you be printed over and over? For a low subscription fee we soup-up your fingerprint session to achieve Your Exemplary Master Set™. These are your prints-proven-legible by the FBI and personally reviewed, then safely stored for authentication and re-use on demand. Perfect for supporting efficient multi-state licensing. Email and request our free Strategy White Paper showing how to leverage this advantage for your staff.

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INTERnational Fingerprint

The way to get an FBI fingerprint check done while outside the US. Find out how to summon the International Fingerprint Concierge to do this for you anywhere shipping with door-to-door tracking can reach.


What Our Clients are Saying

"I heartily recommend choosing National Fingerprint’s Expedited Concierge Service. We started directing National Fingerprint to a Midwest city and then went through three concierges while tracking a busy stockholder across the country. Nobody else was able to provide this level of service in our state, much less anywhere in the entire country." 
- Controller of a durable medical equipment firm

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