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Nonresident fingerprinting for Florida and other U.S. States from your U.S. location starting at $299.

What could be more convenient? We come to you! Days, evenings, weekends, holidays are all the same to us. With our network of over 22,000 Concierge notaries it is likely one is nearby to be dispatched for meeting you on your timetable virtually anywhere* in the USA**.

* Urban locations anticipated in the basic pricing. Expedited Service Option required when the Concierge has to make a lengthy trek. (Option expense avoided if you make the trek instead.) 

** Not in the USA? No problem. Learn about International Fingerprint options

"Make Mine PermaPrints™" Find out how these could be the last fingerprints you ever make.

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Corporate In-House Fingerprint Services

If you have a larger organization that requires frequent fingerprinting, what could be more convenient than doing them in-house?

With Self-capture™ Packs, your trusted HR staff members become trained as Trusted Observers™ and perform the duties of the Concierge, collecting prints from up to 5 persons at a time. Your company stocks Packs at each of your company locations where applicants are processed. Whenever convenient, and without costly equipment, your HR Trusted Observers can fingerprint applicants. Following chain-of-custody protocol your in-house Trusted Observers securely send the specimens to our Lab for overnight processing.

Call 888-823-7873 for logistics and a price proposal. Price includes pass-through of state-required fees which vary widely by state.

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"I just wanted to let you know that I have received my FL nursing license and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for taking my prints and helping me to expedite this. I wish I would have met you all 6 months ago. I have let my supervisor know what an awesome service you provide and hope to send more business your way."
RN / WC Solution Nurse Care Manager

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