Introducing National Fingerprint's patented Self-capture™ Packs

Patented Self-capture™ Packs are a part of a revolutionary fingerprinting system that offers employers or volunteer service agencies requiring criminal history background checks an extremely easy way to meet fingerprint requirements.

Self-capture™ Packs are also at the heart of our exclusive Concierge Remote Fingerprinting Service that can conveniently collect fingerprints from an individual in one state for submission to another state's authorities.

Using the patented components of a Self-capture™ Pack, applicants fingerprint themselves under the supervision of a Trusted Observer™ (aka "concierge") who attests that the person making the prints is actually the applicant, and takes custody of the prints as they are produced. Trusted Observers register with NFp and recieve training and authorization to observe fingerpinting.

Self-capture™ Packs also provide the only practical fingerprinting solution for simultaneous group collection of fingerprints. Your Trusted Observers (trained staff) can fingerprint 2 to 200 people simultaneously in the same 20 minutes. No more waiting in line behind a busy or distant live scan fingerprint machine. No risk of imposter-fraud.

When used in this way by a business or volunteer organization, our service is pre-purchased and prepaid including all Government-imposed fees. Then we ship sufficient Self-capture™ Packs to your staging locations. There are no expensive live-scan machines to purchase or embarrassing (and costly) trips to the police station or fingerprint service center. Self-contained instructions and online video guides are easy to follow.  Our patented process provides the same accuracy as live-scan. What would it mean to simplify your life with National Fingerprint Self-capture™ Packs? Talk to us.

If you're looking for a fast, effective fingerprinting solution, you've put your finger on it™

What Our Clients are Saying

"When we were first notified of the passing of Florida House Bill 7069 effective August 1, 2010, which requires fingerprinting checks of Direct Service Providers, we needed to come up with a simple fingerprinting solution for our employees that was cost-effective and easy to administer. I have found NFp to be our perfect solution in meeting this requirement, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective fingerprinting solution."
- Director of Human Resources, Multi-Location Florida meal prep/delivery fleet

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