Epiphany Pivot Video

This private, unlisted video is a tidy explanation of how the customers beckoned, NFp listened, and did Pivot #1: NFp switched from selling products to furnishing services. It changed everything. Pivots #2 and #3 brought NFp to its high-margin multi-national B2B markets. NFp is now absorbed with Pivot #4. This is the rapid growth Sales Engine phase. It forms the conclusion of the video. "This material contains forward-looking information. It is neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy securities. Offers of Convertible Debt or Common Equity are only made by a prospectus."  

Telemed Opportunity

National Fingerprint, Inc. (NFp) prevents telemedicine employers from experiencing significant revenue losses due to fingerprint-related criminal history delays while seeking physician licensing in multiple states. (Since medicine "is practiced" where the patient is, today's video house-calls require all the telemed employers' physicians to be licensed in all states.) Similar delays in other industries interrupt existing business, halt expansions, hinder mergers-in-process, and cause immense pain for the prosperous medical and financial professionals involved. Major international law firms recommend to their clients that NFp do the domestic and overseas fingerprint-related logistics heavy lifting needed to submit prints-with-forms in each state's peculiar format.      





Client Logo Tapestry

These high profile client brands include major international law firms who recommend and use National Fingerprint for white-glove discreet fingerprinting of their blue-ribbon clients' "control-persons." These are Top Management and 5+ percent stockholders. Taking and submitting prints to the FBI elicits the confidential Criminal History Report necessary for their clients to be licensed by each state in highly regulated industries like Medical and Financial. The NFp Concierge and Valet services are especially necessary overseas where it can be dangerous to send a corporate VIP to visit local police for fingerprinting. US embassies and consulates are prohibited by State Department regulation from providing this service. So we're expanding both foreign and domestically.