Introducing RASSI.org
    Regulatory Authority for Service Sharing Industries

    Modeled after the successful FINRA, RASSI negotiates and enforces central, country-specific, single regulatory environments for specific types of shared service providers whose disruptive business models provoke uncoordinated over-regulation at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels.

    Always included in the RASSI regulatory environment are the vetting, screening, and adjudicating of hired service providing individuals...

    • For public safety and trust without multiple
      • political consent/discontent/exploitation
      • independent venues and jurisdictional leveraging
      • layers of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.
    • For public safety and trust with vetting that is
      • standardized, fair, and decent
      • quickly and affordably initiated
    • For public safety and trust with screening that is
      • continuously and instantly updated
      • related to positively identified individuals
      • promptly communicated to authorized stakeholders
    • For public safety and trust with adjudication that is
      • uniformly and fairly reported and administered
      • modern and well-informed
      • de-duplicated to prevent mistaken identity
      • fully technology-enabled.

    RASSI is beneficial to shared services from Rides to Rentals, Sounds to Sights, Sitters to Walkers, and all disruptive ventures in the sharing economy that serve the public, reduce opportunity for featherbedding, and thereby provoke retaliatory regulation at all levels by special interests.

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