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National Fingerprint Offers COVID-Safe Fingerprinting.

We've been solving your fingerprint emergencies for years. Now we're everywhere FedEx & WebEx are available, even BEHIND CLOSED COVID-19 DOORS

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Fingerprint Valet™ Services by National Fingerprint, Inc.

WHENEVER you need it | WHEREVER you are | WHATEVER your requirements. The ULTIMATE in fingerprinting convenience, speed and flexibility.

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Global Service

Our in-person or virtual Fingerprint Valet comes to you. Fingerprinting for out-of-state US licenses or permits can occur at your home, your office, or any other safe location...anywhere in the world!

Absolute Identity Verification

Our procedures and documented chain-of-custody assure your license authority that you are who you say you are! Using our patented materials and processes, we offer proof positive that your fingerprints are genuine.

Nonresident Multistate Licensing

From the state next door or the continent 8,000 miles away, this is the service recommended by the global law firms and consultants. There is no need to travel. Let your fingerprints do the walking.

PermaPrints™ The Original Fingerprint Vault

We pioneered the secure archiving of fingerprints for resubmittals to other states or renewals. With PermaPrints, this may be the last time you ever need to be fingerprinted.

Purpose-Driven Fingerprinting

Whatever your need for fingerprinting in a state not your own, we can help! We specialize in expediting fingerprint enrollment and utilization for high profile individuals, such as VIP professionals, their global employers and celebrity investors in highly regulated Global industry sectors including:

  • Financial Services
  • Medical Services
  • Online Entertainment
  • Global Relocation
  • Investor Vetting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • US State Department Apostille & Certification
  • Foreign Embassy Coordination
  • Discreet Individual Services by Attorneys and Private Investigators
  • Personal FBI Records Check
  • Cannabis culture
  • Online Gaming  

Already have hard cards that need to be submitted to Florida? We can process those too.

Valet Service

A Fingerprint Valet will come to you, on your schedule, wherever you are to help capture fingerprints and verify your identity. Your fingerprints go to the processing center, NOT YOU! "Let your fingerprints do the walking."

Our patented system also allows for simultaneous group capture. We can collect fingerprints of 2 to 200 people simultaneously. If you have a large number of people who need fingerprinting for cross-border purposes, this is a logistic challenge. We should talk. Let your compliance officer deploy The Fingerprint Valet. Everywhere. All at once. Once-and-Done.

What Our Clients are Saying

"I heartily recommend choosing National Fingerprint’s Expedited Valet Service. We started directing National Fingerprint to a Midwest city and then went through three of your valets while tracking a busy stockholder across the country. Nobody else was able to provide this level of service in our state, much less anywhere in the entire country." 
- Controller of a durable medical equipment firm 

I have been impressed with the efficiency of National Fingerprint, Inc.  I had a tight deadline for completion of my  license and was experiencing massive problems on getting the fingerprints to the state for processing.  I spent my entire day off going from the local police department, sheriff’s office & then the county jail.  At this point, I called your company. The operator I spoke with was very kind.  She walked me through the electronic process and got your valet to visit my house during hours convenient to me.  She took over 100 different prints and completed all the paperwork in less than 30 minutes.  The best part of this whole process is I never have to go be printed again. Thank you for your assistance in making a very chaotic licensure process in all 50 states, more streamlined.
- Medical Provider, Clinical Consultation Services

"I just wanted to let you know that I have received my FL nursing license and couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you so much for taking my prints and helping me to expedite this.  I wish I would have met you all 6 months ago.  I have let my supervisor know what an awesome service you provide and hope to send more business your way.  I will need to have my prints sent to GA, OK and IL as well. Thanks again!"
WC Solution Nurse Care Manager

“My Valet was very courteous. He responded quickly to my phone calls, arrived on time and was friendly. I will need to have the President and Treasurer of my (Boston-based) mortgage company fingerprinted for Florida licensing requirements sometime next week and would request that he return to do their fingerprints if possible. I will put the order in through your website when I have some time later today.”
- Compliance Officer, mortgage company

"NFp printed my international control-persons by setting up backup plans for everything. When one of my London-based applicants got airborne for Toronto NFp had its agent there to meet the flight. When the state police servers inexplicably delayed their FBI transmission NFp detected and fixed it. When the FBI computers balked at some fuzzy prints NFp used its backup prints and fixed it. When the licensing board misplaced a team member’s FBI report NFp used its backchannel contacts to help locate and fix it…on a Sunday. The NFp team is obviously experienced at working with government agencies. Instead of offering excuses, they remediate. Just what I expect from an outfit run by former military. These guys are relentless and reliable.
- General Manager of a European investment group

"Actually I was already trying to figure out a way to recommend you guys. The concierge you sent was not quite as cute as the picture, but Mr. Jones was a good choice. Very professional. Unbelievable how helpful this was."
- A Fort Bragg North Carolina soldier battling Florida fingerprint red tape for a county court procedure

"When we were first notified we needed fingerprint background checks of Direct Service Providers, we needed to come up with a simple fingerprinting solution for our employees that was cost-effective and easy to administer. I have found NFp to be our perfect solution in meeting this requirement, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective fingerprinting solution."
- Director of Human Resources, Multi-Location Florida meal prep/delivery fleet