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Fingerprint Valet™ Services by National Fingerprint, Inc.

WHENEVER you need | WHEREVER you are | WHATEVER your requirements. The ULTIMATE in fingerprinting convenience, speed and flexibility.

Out of state? Out of country? Need for speed?

Placing an online order will summon your in-person or virtual Fingerprint Valet. He/she documents ID, acquires multiple fingerprint specimens, and expedites secure transit to our Lab. Valet sessions can occur at home or any safe office location. If you choose a PermaPrints™ option it may be the last time you ever need to be fingerprinted.

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(Your) Exemplary Master Set™ of Fingerprints

To perform a Criminal Background Check, computers must be able to "read" the print patterns from your fingers. But age, wear and other factors make those patterns difficult-to-impossible to read. By using our patented Self-Capture™ Pack technology your Concierge Trusted Observer and Fingerprint Valet™ collaborate to create your Exemplary Master Set of legible fingerprints - a prize worth protecting for the rest of your life with our PermaPrints option.

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Prompt Submission to Florida and other U.S. States

We specialize in non-resident fingerprints for Florida and all other states. We do the legwork, securing and submitting everything  required to meet current local requirements for the background check portion of your future or renewal non-resident license, permit, clearance, or authorization.

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PermaPrints™ Protection

Without PermaPrints™ Protection your prints are destroyed (by regulation) after first use. But if you're a busy professional, why fuss with fingerprint renewals each year? And did you know fingers become more difficult to print as people age?  By wisely including or adding PermaPrints before it’s too late, your precious Exemplary Master Set of proven-legible fingerprints is retained in protective custody, accommodating your multiple-state uses for years to come. When ordering, save $26 on the first year by selecting “US Enrollment w/1yr PermaPrints.” Or acquire additional eligibility from the “Extra PermaPrints Protection” menu.

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INTERnational Fingerprint

THE way to get an FBI fingerprint check done while outside the US. Find out how it can work anywhere shipping with door-to-door tracking can reach. Let NFp be your lifetime personal FBI criminal history valet!

Confidently contact us to set up a conference call in your home Mandarin or German language. 自信地给我们发电子邮件, 在您的家庭普通话或德语中设置电话会议。Getrost mailen Sie uns, um einen Konferenz Aufruf in Ihrem Haus Mandarin oder Deutsch zu setzen.

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What Our Clients are Saying

"I heartily recommend choosing National Fingerprint’s Expedited Valet Service. We started directing National Fingerprint to a Midwest city and then went through three concierges while tracking a busy stockholder across the country. Nobody else was able to provide this level of service in our state, much less anywhere in the entire country." 
- Controller of a durable medical equipment firm

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