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Phone Numbers

Customer Service / Ordering Assistance 24x7 (Eastern US Time) 888-823-7873 (if all lines are busy, direct voicemails to 740-591-4177 or 740-707-5220, or 740-707-5687.)
Administration 740-767-3853
Fax to 509-757-7619. 
Order Tracking and Customer Service 740-767-4548. Direct line to the National Fingerprint Lab: 740-767-4545. (Call-waiting is not enabled. Busy signals mean conversation is underway on those numbers. Re-dialing a few moments later will often avoid voicemail delays.)

Mailing Address

National Fingerprint Lab
6999 Dolan Road*
Glouster, Ohio 45732-9003

* Postal and Express delivery authorities "standardize" this address as 6999 Dolan Dr. or 6999 Dolan Drive.
When using overnight express services enable Saturday Delivery by selecting "residence" and "Express Overnight" because our commercial lab facility is open on Saturdays. If specified as a business address FedEx and other carriers will not attempt Saturday delivery.

Business Continuity

Severe winds can topple trees onto phone lines serving NFp. Emails to Lab@NationalFingerprint.com and voicemail left will be retrieved promptly despite storm damage..

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