OUTSIDE the US? Got a NEED-for-SPEED? Select Non-US ENROLLMENT fingerprints

THE way to get an FBI fingerprint check done while outside the US. Let NFp become your personal FBI criminal history lifetime valet!

  • Need to submit an FBI fingerprint background check result for a United States purpose such as professional licensing, getting a US job offer, or to sit for an exam?
  • Are you or your candidates executives or major stockholders of a business needing to operate in US states that require fingerprinting of "control-persons?"
  • Want to establish residency in a foreign country? 
  • Need to submit an FBI fingerprint result to a US county court for a domestic purpose such as name-change, adoption, custody, or guardianship of a child?
  • Want to see what arrest information the FBI will submit to a prospective employer if they make a fingerprint-based USA-FBI request?
  • Immigration plans being delayed by need for an FBI criminal history report with US State Department Apostille on it? 
  • Are the US embassies and consulates explaining that they only take your prints for employment by the US Government itself?

Here are some examples of recent successful FBI fingerprint and photo collection accomplished by National Fingerprint outside the United States:

  • Executives printed in Netherlands with prints replicated to all state regulators.
  • COMPASSIONATE CARE security teams fingerprinted outside US.
  • US State Department country-specific Apostilled fingerprint reports from FBI made ready in 12 days for establishing exPat residency. Contact us.
  • Retired couple establishing dual US and Costa Rican citizenship, fingerprinted in Costa Rica.
  • RN fingerprinted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for Florida licensing to sit for the NCLEX
  • Physician printed in Germany for Florida license to enable Skype video interviews for Florida employment.
  • Broward county name-change (applicant printed while in Bangkok Thailand)
  • Luxury auto dealership owners printed & photos taken while in Quebec.)
  • RN wanting to sit for the NCLEX test for a Florida nursing license (printed while in Kerala State, India.)
  • Physician headed for Ft. Lauderdale (doctor printed while in Manila Philippines)
  • Guardianship in Brevard County (prints being taken at overseas military base)
  • Physician Assistant interviewing for a Florida job. (prints taken while in France)
  • Financial Advisors printed in England while colleague met and printed at Toronto Airport.
  • Professors at American University printed in Cairo for emigration to Canada.

How it works: Verifying Specimens, Credentials, Eligibility, and Chain-of-Custody 

NFp does FBI fingerprinting wherever FedEx can deliver our patented Self-Capture® Packs. Upon receipt of your conditional* online order (scroll to bottom-of-page) National Fingerprint contacts you to determine your US citizenship eligibility, your "need for speed," your expertise with computers, your need for State Department Apostille, your ability to resolve Customs delays, and your fluency in spoken English. These determine whether we can bypass FBI direct mail-in delays for you, and help us estimate if there will be extra costs for your FBI report and its handling to meet expectations and requirements of the ultimate recipient. When required, NFp offers expedited courier routing through the US State Department for Certification or Apostille, and through the recipient country's Washington embassy for certification of an official translation.

Using downloaded instructions with printed narratives available in most languages, applicants follow NFp proprietary methods for verifying authenticity and establishing an accountable chain-of-custody. Applicants are responsible for making the tamper-evident return shipment via an international express service offering emailed scan reports.

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*Contact us by phone or email to arrange the conference we need to understand your circumstances and capabilities, the in-country circumstances, so we can determine applicable costs. Many find that proficiency with computers and with spoken English eliminate extra in-country expense.

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