PermaPrints™ Protection

PERMAPRINTS PROTECTION™ means you may never have to go-get-fingerprinted ever again! Avoid the headaches and expense of undergoing fingerprinting over and over just for Multi-state licensing to enable cross-border practice, telemedicine, travel-medical, one-time permits, and for the dozen toughest states' financial services licensing. (Call for current list) Select the most popular Valet service of all: ENROLLMENT w/1yr PermaPrints at this link:  Types of Service ordering menu, This type-of-service adds a bargain first year of PermaPrints Protection to the standard $329 Enrollment fee. You get the whole year of protection for 25% off the annual PermaPrints cost. This wise choice protects your prints and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from being otherwise scheduled for immediate destruction. (When your prints are destroyed NFp retains your publicly available phonebook data and some internal codes so we can remember what we did for you. This retained information is not PII.)

CONVENIENCE OF PERMAPRINTS PROTECTION: By selecting or extending your PermaPrints Protection you tell NFp you anticipate professional growth or other changes in the coming years, and do not want to endure the time and cost of being fingerprinted over and over again, especially when traveling or consulting in multiple states. This lets NFp make a submittal of the applicant's PermaPrints on demand, to states that accept it (as of Oct 2018 all do) for the PermaPrints duration, by postponing the destruction date and retaining the print specimens and PII in paper source-document form under secure audited protective custody in the NFp vault. 


  • Support of professional out-of-state and multi-state licensing
  • One-time access
  • Periodic renewals
  • Change-of-employer
  • Certification
  • Conducting business in a distant state
  • Foreign residency and immigration
  • Security clearance
  • Foreign employment
  • Apostille
  • Adoption
  • Court proceedings
  • Periodic monitoring of one’s own FBI report to verify it reflects recent corrections such as expungement.


  • Support of professional out-of-state and multi-state licensing
  • Merging boards of directors
  • Change-of-employer
  • Turnover of corporate "Control Persons"
  • Investors' acquiring 5%+ holdings thus defined as "Control Persons"
  • Anchor-state initial corporate licensure enabling reciprocity
  • Court proceedings
  • Liability avoidance by periodic monitoring Control Persons' FBI reports for disqualifying entries 
By regulation your PII and print specimens are scheduled for destruction “…as soon as your permitted purposes are fulfilled.” NFp makes available on request a certificate-of-destruction, but does not return PII to you due to risks of liability from insufficient positive identification. NFp security procedure keeps your digitized information safely in vaults, not in the "cloud" where high profile hacks have occurred. Unless you select or add PermaPrints Protection to your fingerprinting service type, your PII will vanish at the next destruction cycle because the included single state submittal will have “...fulfilled your permitted purposes.”

ORDERING ADDITIONAL SUBMITTALS: NFp reserves the right to obtain thumbprints for matching against those in PermaPrints Protection status before honoring submittal requests.

SECURITY FOR PII: Companies like Sony, Target, Anthem, Equifax, even the Veterans Administration and Federal Office of Personnel Management, store their clients’ PII in (apparently) vulnerable digital form in the cloud. NFp does not. When you select or extend your PermaPrints Protection your paper originals are rescued from the destruction cycle and placed in protected vault custody. This means hackers and thieves cannot get it, but NFp Lab staff can when you need it for another Submittal. (See below.) You will be reminded to extend your PermaPrints protection before it lapses. NFp makes available on request a certificate-of-destruction but does not return PII due to risks of liability from insufficient positive identification.

ENROLLMENT AND SUBMITTALS: Enrollment is a one-time fingerprinting event that establishes your Exemplary Master Set of prints suitable for re-use upon satisfactory re-authentication. Submittals are recurring events that implement your requests to replicate your prints in full obedience, compliance, and conformity to each state's peculiar non-resident procedure and format. Most NFp clients anticipate this need will arise in their future,so they wisely select “US Enrollment w/1yr PermaPrints” from the Types of Service ordering menu, Submittals cost $128/ea which covers the custom non-resident formatting and preparation each state individually requires. States impose widely and constantly varying fees for accepting and handling the prints which they forward to the FBI to elicit the criminal history their laws require. Fees levied by state regulatory boards for non-resident fingerprint submittals are reimbursable to NFp if paid on your behalf by NFp. One submittal to either Florida or directly to the FBI as you choose, is complimentary including government fee with the menu selection for $428 Enrollment Starting Fee.

OWNERSHIP OF PII: The NFp waiver form and receipt voluntarily signed by all applicants, furnishes their confidential PII only until its purpose is met, after which it is destroyed. NFp policy deems the PII as property of the individual to whom it specifically pertains. Accordingly the PII belongs neither to NFp nor to another entity such as an employer who may have paid service fees to NFp on behalf of an applicant. NFp makes available on request a certificate-of-destruction but does not return PII due to risks of liability from insufficient positive identification.



Valet Fingerprinting with PermaPrints™Protection


(Standard 7-14 business day service. State submittal fees additional.)

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The best part of this whole process is I never have to go be printed again. Your company has them on PermaPrints Protection, and as I need additional sets sent to other states for processing, all I have to do is call or email you and they are there.
- RN, Clinical Consultation Services

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