Florida Residents

If you reside in or are visiting Florida and you need fingerprints for a Florida purpose, it will be economical for you if you have time spend on travel and waiting, to visit one of the many livescan centers OPERATED BY OTHER COMPANIES THAN OURS, which are located throughout the state. To find a service near you, simply email your location to COILSP@Yahoogroups.com

HOWEVER, IF YOUR PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES OR OWNERS RESIDE OUT OF STATE, AND MUST BE FINGERPRINTED BECAUSE YOU OPERATE AN OFFICE OR CLINIC OF THEIRS IN FLORIDA, WE CAN FINGERPRINT THOSE OWNERS ANYWHERE A TRACKING COURIER SERVICE CAN REACH. Click here to learn more! And if you lack time to spend on travel and waiting, or if your corporate regulations specify National Fingerprint, just place your regular order online and we will send the Concierge anywhere in Florida as well. National Fingerprint regularly enrolls medical professionals located in Florida for multi-state licensing purposes outside of Florida.

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