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Who is National Fingerprint, Inc.?

National Fingerprint Inc. and its operating units that include (NFp) comprise an Ohio-based international company providing collection of biometric specimens through various means of verified observation using patented Biometric Self-capture™ Packs, (Packs) processed through its central laboratory facility. NFp specializes in serving non-residents of the regulatory venue for which the biometric specimens are required, for purposes such as obtaining a credential, permit, or qualification. Registered brands and trademarks include [Biometric Self-capture], [Self-capture Packs], [PermaPrints Protection], [Registered Trusted Observer (RTO)], and [Lifetime Fingerprint Valet]. NFp offers once-and-done ENROLLMENT service which collects and processes multiple specimens of an applicant's fingerprints or other biometrics. NFp offers simultaneous SUBMITTALS of those authenticated specimens to multiple venues such as licensing boards in each venue's peculiar non-resident format with fully executed required forms and payment if required.  

What are the NFp Purposes?

  • Accelerate corporate client revenue by removing licensing delays attributable to fingerprint processing and to applicant exhaustion and alienation due to multiple fingerprinting sessions.
  • Expedite secure Laboratory processing and protection of biometric specimens including fingerprints, using approved non-cloud methods.
  • Expedite single and multi-state license administration by preparing and routing fingerprints simultaneously to appropriate licensing authorities.
  • Expedite preparation and routing of fingerprints to state and court authorities for all other legal purposes including Personal Review of the FBI report.
  • Initiate and maintain trustworthy accountable chain-of-custody from field-collection through laboratory disposition and storage, to handling of confidential data.
  •  Maintain a center-of-excellence for international Data Privacy compliance that protects NFp's Data Controllers and their legal advisors. Qualify and comply with applicable provisions of Clients' Vendor Data Security regimens.
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What NFp Employees, Subcontractors, and Laboratory Crew Do.

NFp employees, subcontractors, and laboratory crew cooperate to furnish a biometric collection and processing service. The Packs are comprised of administrative forms and materials needed to acquire and protect biometric specimens in transit. NFp’s laboratory (Lab) receives completed Packs via accountable means and promptly affirms that the chain of custody is unbroken, that Pack contents are genuine, that no signs of fraud appear, and that client funds have been received. The Lab then processes the specimens digitally with FBI-approved hardware and software into appropriate formats for transmitting via proper channels to legally authorized intermediaries and authorities for permissible purposes. The Lab promptly schedules for destruction all materials received from applicants, and accordingly wipes its digital representation from operations and backup servers. Applicants may postpone destruction by arranging for their paper source documents to be placed in protective custody until their purpose is achieved. Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Guide to Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are followed. PII is defined by NFp policy as all material received except phonebook data and codes needed to contact applicants or to remind NFp what services were rendered to them. Biometric specimens that lack sufficient quality to process, or that indicate tampering or possible fraudulent activity, will be delayed until conditions are corrected in an appropriate manner determined by NFp Management in accordance with law.

What NFp Verified Observation does.

NFp, state, federal, and FBI channeler authorities rely upon the experience and demonstrated trustworthiness of NFp's Verified Observation procedures. NFp utilizes witnesses who, in the sole opinion of NFp Management, are attested to already be trusted by others or by the public with access to and protection of PII, and who have verifiably learned how to initiate and preserve the required chain-of-custody for biometric specimens, and how to photographically verify and document specimen authenticity.

Verified Observation...

  • Establishes the identity of Applicants based upon on-site photography of applicants and experienced scrutiny of their government-issued ID credentials.
  • Witnesses the applicant physically produce biometric specimens that require witnessing,
  • Manages the custody of specimens until surrendered to Postal or Express authorities with a tracking number, and manages the secure custody and transit of photographic digital files until successfully placed onto provided media or uploaded to the NFp encrypted FTP server.

What NFp Employees, Subcontractors, RT-Os and Laboratory Workers do Not Do.

No NFp employee, operating unit worker, subcontractor, RTO or Lab worker:

  • Sells or offers for sale any NFp product because NFp offers no "products" for sale.
  • Personally accepts cash or checks from any applicant for any service performed for, or in the name of, National Fingerprint, International Fingerprint, or their operating units.    
  • Views or has opportunity to view CHRI or receive FBI reports which are impermissible for them to see.
  • Makes any recommendation as to another’s eligibility for employment, licensing, or permits of any kind.
  • Renders directly or by implication any opinions or answers to questions involving interpretations of law.
  • States or implies any warranty about, or accepts any liability whatsoever for, the quality, timeliness, content, or consequences arising from the performance of services by governmental agencies or contracted independent field-agents in connection the NFp service.
  • Guarantees that this company's contract notary-agents can or will overcome any adversity including sickness, injury, weather, or deprivation of supplies in order to keep their planned appointments.
  • Warrants any specific biometric specimen is or can be made sufficiently legible or fit for its purpose.
  • Warrants positive identification of any specific applicant or individual.
  • Implies, infers, or states an opinion about "Lifetime" Fingerprints or "Lifetime" PermaPrints that can be interpreted as other than meaning the timespan of NFp's ability to service or authenticate applicants' or clients' submittal orders. These are copyrighted phrases registered with the USPTO. 
  • Prepares consumer investigatory reports as defined in the US FCRA law and related statutes.
  • Furnishes or in any way allows unauthorized access to confidential records, files, or PII.
  • Returns or offers to return any applicant-provided material via means other than the NFp OFFICIAL RETURN PROCEDURE, which is: NFp Lab Crew records required metadata, places receipt in Vault, creates FedEx label addressed to recipient's closest FedEx depot for "HOLD FOR PICKUP." Email goes to recipient with instructions to visit the holding facility within 5 days for "recipient in-person pickup" claimed by presentation of the recipient's government-issued ID with exact name matching the consignee on the FedEx waybill. Upon pickup notification from FedEx NFp notifies recipient that NFp fulfilled the return-request.

How is NFp Paid?

Assigned work commences when our electronic invoices are paid via Automated Clearinghouse, or by debit card. Payment by mailing paper checks is discouraged due to lengthy wait times before banking authorities grant access to the funds. All payment methods are assessed a 3% fee to reimburse bank-imposed charges for immediate access.


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