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For International orders or printing multiple individuals, call 740-767-4548 or Send Us a Message.
The add charges +$xxx and discounts -($xxx) refer to the base price shown at the top of the page.
ALL AMOUNTS ARE IN US DOLLARS (USD). Currency exchange rates apply.

What the Selections Mean:

    Types of Enrollment

      ENROLLMENT STARTING FEES are for the actual collecting of fingerprints via in-person or virtual Valet service. One Submittal Lab Processing Fee is included with initial enrollment. PermaPrints option required if requesting submittal to multiple states. (Call to learn about state-imposed charges. Discounts may apply. 888-823-7873.)
    • $329 USD (plus state cost) - US/Canada Service, then Prints are Destroyed: An in-person National Fingerprint Valet™ or Virtual Valet™ will facilitate fingerprinting using NFp proprietary methods. Includes Lab Processing Fee for ONLY ONE state submittal. State costs are invoiced separately once state for submittal is declared (on checkout page). "No PermaPrints" means prints are scheduled for the next destruction cycle, unless PROTECTED. (Choose the $428 option for a discount on your first year of PermaPrints Protection.) Additional state submittals require PermaPrints enrollment.. Standard Terms-of-Service apply. (Scroll to bottom of page, click link.)
    • $428 USD (plus state cost) - US/Canada Enrollment and 1yr PermaPrints Protection - REQUIRED FOR MULTI-STATE SUBMITTALS. This service is identical to the above but it also includes your first year of PermaPrints Protection at the bargain price of $99, regularly $125. Lab processing fee for the FIRST STATE is included with the enrollment. State costs are invoiced separately once state(s) for submittal are declared (on checkout page). This Enrollment is the most popular type of service because it keeps your prints eligible for you to resubmit with other states on-demand. No more cost and time to be fingerprinted again. Standard-Terms-of-Service apply. (Scroll to bottom of page, click link.)
    • $599 USD (plus state cost) Non-US Enrollment Starting Fee provides service outside the US, and one year of PermaPrints protection. Price includes outbound express shipment wherever FedEx goes. You pay the return using your preferred tracked carrier. "Starting Fee" covers US work which is common to all overseas projects. State costs are invoiced separately once state(s) for submittal are declared (on checkout page). Applicants’ individual needs, country, means of verification and tech capabilities determine whether extra costs will apply. After your order is placed, a proposal is generated offering opportunity to accept or decline-with-full-refund. CALL 740-767-4545 TO DETERMINE EXACT NEEDS BEFORE ORDERING.
    • $0 Select this when ordering extra add-ons only. Choose this service-type if a Fingerprint Valet Session order has already been placed with National Fingerprint for this individual. It prepares your Shopping Cart for add-ons like Rush Expedited, Extra years of PermaPrints Protection (so the prints are saved for re-use when needed again), or Submittals of your fingerprints to additional states in support of multi-state licensing.
    • PERMAPRINTS RESUBMITTAL (For clients with active PermaPrints Protection) $0. Use this option to order an annual resubmittal or submittal to additional states of your fingerprints. Choose how many states in the selector below and name the states at checkout.

    Submittal Processing Fee

      “NFp knows what matters is the receiving of the prints and FBI reports, not the sending of them. Mailroom signatures mean nothing to state agencies who frequently misplace your vital application materials. For our $128 submittal fee per state, we prepare duplicate originals for multiple delivery attempts by various means, promptly resending if lost, to assure your documents actually reach the right government hands. We will notify and invoice you for government charges we have to prepay or enclose on your behalf.”       
    • SUBMITTALS WITH ENROLLMENT: The Submittal Processing Fee for the first state is included with a new enrollment. The $428 PermaPrints enrollment option (above)  is required to order multiple state submissions. For multiple state submittal with new enrollments, click and choose from the "with enrollment" options in the Submittal Processing Fee drop-down. Specify state(s) and occupation in at checkout.
    • NO SUBMITTAL: Choose this option in the Submittal Processing Fee drop-down if ordering ONLY an additional service, such as extra PermaPrints protection or upgrading to Expedited service after an order has been placed.
    • PERMAPRINTS RESUBMITTALS: If you have active PermaPrints Protection, choose "PermaPrints Resubmittal" as a type of enrollment (above) and then choose from the "Resubmittal" options from the Submittal Processing Fee drop-down. Specify state(s) and occupation at checkout.  Note that resubmittals also require current State Cost reimbursement, billed separately. Resubmittals will require authentication before submittal. NOTE: If you wish to resubmit to the same or other states but did NOT order PermaPrints Protection with your initial enrollment, or your PermaPrints Protection has expired, contact us to determine the status of your prints before ordering a resubmittal, as the prints may have been destroyed per regulation.

    Expedited Service*

    • Regular (US only) service involves 10 business day field interval during which time the appointment with our Concierge will occur. Standard Lab scheduling submits your prints in the order received.
    • Expedited Service- PER PERSON subtracts several days from the field interval with expedited shipments and accelerated lab service.
    • To add Expedited to an order currently in process: create a new order and choose "Select this when ordering extra add-ons only" from the Type-of-Service menu, and then select "Add Expedited" from the menu. At checkout fill in everything as in your original order, adding any further specifics in the "Comments."

    Extra PermaPrints Protection**

      It is wise to order or renew PermaPrints Protection if there is any chance you might someday need licensing in additional states, or international agencies might misplace your fingerprint submittal. PermaPrints Protection avoids the cost and time of being fingerprinted again.
    • To extend PermaPrints protection duration on an initial fingerprinting service order simply select the number of years to extend PermaPrints Protection.
    • To extend the duration of your PermaPrints Protection from a previous order Create a new order and first choose "Select this when ordering extra add-ons only" as Service Type, and then choose the number of years you would like to extend protection of your fingerprints for on-demand submittal. Be sure names and addresses match the initial order at checkout.
    • To Add PermaPrints to an Existing Standard (No PermaPrints) Order already in process follow the steps above to purchase one or more years of extra PermaPrints Protection. This must be completed before the prints are destroyed. If more than 2 weeks after submission, please call to confirm your prints are still available.
    • To decline extra PermaPrints protection: Select "No Extra PermaPrints protection $0" (the default)

    You or Applicants' Availability

    • Choose the best time of day for your US Concierge visit. Add other helpful details about your location in the “Comments” section at checkout.
    • Choose Not Applicable for non-US order or add-on purchasing.

    Previous Fingerprint Results***

    • Make selection most applicable to you so we can supply components that will better accommodate your needs.
    • Fingerprint patterns clear - no issues expected - choose this if your previous experience had no problems.
    • Never been fingerprinted before - choose this if this is your first time to be fingerprinted
    • Have had difficulty before - please choose if you either had difficulty at a livescan or your prints were rejected in the past, please make this selection if through heredity, age, or occupation the patterns on your fingers have become faint or scarred.
    • Fingerprint patterns known worn or faint - please choose if through heredity or occupation your fingers are hard to print.

    If Multiple Staff Need Fingerprints

    • Organizations can create an order to fingerprint multiple people at the SAME LOCATION by simply adjusting the quantity at checkout. Please name the individuals in the Comments section.
    • To place an order where multiple individuals to be printed at the same location need different options (e.g. one person is submitting to one state, while another submits to three), create an item for the first applicant, then in the shopping cart view, click “Continue Shopping” to create another item for each individual. Please name which individual is connected to the various items in the Comments section at checkout.
    • If the fingerprinting of staff members must be conducted in different locations, please reply to confirmation email with details and contact information, or Contact Us prior to ordering.   
    • Custom invoicing is available. Call to discuss.

    To Use Discount Codes

    Complete your order then click "Add to Cart." Enter your Promotional Code where indicated on the Cart/Checkout page.


    *Actual dates may vary depending on States/Agencies. Timetable examples for US domestic use only. International timeframe will vary.   

    **If PermaPrints protection was NOT purchased with initial order and you wish to add it, you must order the Additional Protection BEFORE the fingerprint specimines are destroyed.

    ***Due to occupational wear, heredity, age or other circumstances, some individuals' fingerprints are hard to resolve. If you have encountered difficulty before, please indicate and we will ship additional supplies that can enhance fingerprint quality.


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"I have been impressed with the efficiency of National Fingerprint, Inc. The operator I spoke with was very kind. She walked me through the electronic process and had your concierge visit my house during hours convenient to me. The notary was very pleasant & efficient. She took over 100 different prints and completed all the paperwork in less than 30 minutes. Thank you for your assistance in making a very chaotic process of RN licensure in all 50 states, more streamlined."
- RN, Clinical Consultation Services

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