Introducing National Fingerprint's patented Self-capture™ Packs

Patented Self-capture™ Packs are part of a revolutionary fingerprinting system that offers employers and individuals fully compliant access to the FBI fingerprint-based criminal history background check. (Self-capture means the Pack is for print specimens only of the applicant himself, not of others.)  These confidential reports are often required for licensing, immigration, employment, or access. The Packs enable authenticated verified fingerprinting anywhere in the USA or overseas, wherever tracked carriers FedEx and DHL go.

These portable Packs are part of NFp's suite of patents issued for Biometric Self-capture which enable worldwide deployment of properly witnessed collecting of biometric samples including fingerprints.

Using Packs, a Registered Trusted Observer™ usually a notary public or equivalent independent witness, takes multiple specimens of your fingerprint impressions. The Trusted Observer attests to the authenticity of the print specimens and takes responsibility for their safe transit to the National Fingerprint Lab.

Self-capture means your fingerprints “do-the-walking” because there are no expensive live-scan machines to purchase or embarrassing time-wasting trips to police stations or fingerprint service centers just to find parking and wait in line. The combination of the proprietary field and lab methods enables live-scan accuracy and legibility. 

The process also enables determination of your Exemplary Master Set of fingerprints suitable for multiple uses when PermaPrints Protection is in force.

How would it simplify your life if you never had to be fingerprinted again? With National Fingerprint Self-capture™ Packs this is possible. If you're looking for a fast, effective fingerprinting solution, you've put your finger on it™

What Our Clients are Saying

"When we were first notified of the passing of Florida House Bill 7069 effective August 1, 2010, which requires fingerprinting checks of Direct Service Providers, we needed to come up with a simple fingerprinting solution for our employees that was cost-effective and easy to administer. I have found NFp to be our perfect solution in meeting this requirement, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective fingerprinting solution."
- Director of Human Resources, Multi-Location Florida meal prep/delivery fleet

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