Epiphany Pivot Video

This private, unlisted video is a tidy explanation of how the customers beckoned, NFp listened, and did Pivot #1: NFp switched from selling products to furnishing services. It changed everything. Pivots #2 and #3 brought NFp to its high-margin multi-national B2B markets. NFp is now absorbed with Pivot #4. This is the rapid growth Sales Engine phase. It forms the conclusion of the video. "This material contains forward-looking information. It is neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy securities. Offers of equity or non-equity Initial Coin Offering, are only made by an appropriately oriented prospectus."  

Telemed Opportunity

National Fingerprint, Inc. (NFp's) expedited worldwide service helps telemedicine employers avoid significant revenue losses due to fingerprint-related criminal history delays while seeking to individually license their employed physicians and nurses in multiple states.

State boards license telemedicine practitioners individually because telemedicine "is practiced" where the patient is. Thus telemed employers must license their professional employees in each state from/to which a phone or video medical "visit" may occur. The multi-state Physician Licensure Compact while simplifying the application part of licensure, allows state boards to continue obeying their state laws requiring individual applicants' fingerprints to elicit fresh FBI proof of no disqualifying arrests or convictions. Even if a multistate license is approved, medical practice may not commence until many states' boards approve their own separately fetched FBI report. DELAY DENIES REVENUE. Delays in commencing medical practice, caused by delayed fingerprinting and custom state submittal, permanently deny employers the revenue each delayed physician would have individually produced from that affected state.


National Fingerprint, Inc. (NFp's) expedited worldwide service helps Money Transmitters, Receivables Managers, Insurance and Security firms avoid significant revenue losses due to fingerprint-related criminal history delays while seeking to license their corporate entities in multiple states.

State boards license money transmitters and other financial firms as corporate entities because that is how the US Treasury Department enforces its money-laundering regulations. These "Money Service Businesses" must qualify their Top-tier Officers termed control persons via not only elaborate applications, but also fingerprint-elicited FBI criminal history reports. Most states include investors with 5%-10% holdings as control-persons. DELAY DENIES REVENUE. Delays in commencing business operations, caused by delayed fingerprinting of far-flung investors and officers, permanently deny enormous revenues. NFp literally goes to the ends of the earth to find and print these often famous wealthy personalities. Major international law firms urge their clients to have NFp do the domestic and overseas fingerprint-related logistics heavy lifting needed to promptly and dependably submit prints-with-forms in each state's peculiar format. Their logos appear in the scrolled video, bottom of this page.





Client Logo Tapestry

These high profile client brands include major international law firms who recommend and use National Fingerprint for white-glove discreet fingerprinting of their blue-ribbon clients' "control-persons." These are Top Management and 5+ percent stockholders. Taking and submitting prints to the FBI elicits the confidential Criminal History Report necessary for their clients to be licensed by each state in highly regulated industries like Medical and Financial. The NFp Concierge and Valet services are especially necessary overseas where it can be dangerous to send a corporate VIP to visit local police for fingerprinting. US embassies and consulates are prohibited by State Department regulation from providing this service. So we're expanding both foreign and domestically.