About National Fingerprint, Inc. and Biometric Self-capture™ Fingerprinting

National Fingerprint (NFp) was registered as an Ohio LLC in December, 2007 and became a C-corp in July 2010. Founder David Allburn invented the Self-capture™ Pack methodology in June 2007 while trying to fingerprint groups. He and Ohio University MBA students noticed the Packs offered value for printing individuals; on-site convenience, identification certainty, solid chain-of-custody, worldwide distribution, speed and economy. Encouraged by Ohio’s Entrepreneurship Signature Program he patented the process and developed the business with solid legal advice and financial backing.

Biometric Self-capture™ issued as a process patent, which includes not just the accountable forms and collection method, but also the back-end anti-fraud laboratory processing methodology. The Self-capture™ Packs have been in continuous use since early 2008, affirming the value proposition, the unique distribution channels, and validating product claims.

About the Founder

In the 70’s, CEO David Allburn, a USAF veteran with BSEE-med and MBA-finance degrees, built a 1000-man national sales force for a financial services firm that listed him in the Dun & Bradstreet registries of the day. In the 80’s he and experts from SCORE syndicated a $680K private placement for his healthcare finance startup that accelerated cash flow for hospitals. In the 90’s he led software development teams for large scale data mining and customer relationship management projects in Silicon Valley. Upon 9/11 when the Bush Administration declared that child sexual abuse was terrorism, Allburn retired to apply his military training in counter-terrorism to thwarting pedophiles that infiltrate youth and children's program staffs. His research non-profit quickly discovered that civil liability and indemnity were at the root of ineffectual screening. This led him to study the topics so intensely as to become a listed expert witness at negligence trials over child sexual abuse, and to work closely with an insurer of the Catholic, Methodist, and Baptist churches on developing new insurance products. Mr. Allburn testified about his child abuse discoveries before the US Council of Catholic Bishops and the chief justice of the PA supreme court. To expedite fetching FBI criminal background reports for volunteers he invented a disposable method of fingerprinting entire roomfuls of applicants simultaneously in minutes. In 2010 Ohio University encouraged patenting and commercializing the invention. The resulting 2011 startup, National Fingerprint, Inc (NFp) has become a $Million international service firm discreetly fingerprint physicians and other VIPs in their homes via an army of local notaries and other Trusted Observers, everywhere FedEx goes. Mr. Allburn is active in the FBI Compact Council and is an invited speaker and panelist for telemedicine trade associations in both US and Europe. He is an orchestral brass musician, an impatient woodworker, and enjoys finding new niches NFp can dominate. His current objective is assembling a top management team to propel NFp's rapid growth phase for investors' benefit.

News and Press

National Fingerprint's founder was interviewed by Reuters News Service in 2014 under a then-different business model. Concepts endure but clients and pricing have evolved substantially. Read the story here!

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