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If you are a qualified individual interested in performing Trusted Observer assignments, please complete the following form.  [ADD QUALIFICATIONS]

Trusted Observers play an important role in National Fingerprint's Self-Capture® Process. By registering on this site, you agree to the following terms:

I understand that as a National Fingerprint Trusted Observer I will not be “taking fingerprints of” a person, but only guiding and witnessing that person produce their own fingerprints. I agree to confiscate the fingerprint specimens, seal and mail them as required. I can attest that the fingerprints are authentic because I will have observed them being made. I can attest that the person whose fingerprinting I witnessed bears a resemblance to their government-issued picture ID credential because I will have observed them and their credential. I agree that if assigned to observe fingerprinting of a family member, friend or work colleague, I will notify National Fingerprint, Inc. of the potential conflict of interest in a timely manner. I agree that there is no requirement to notarize the fingerprints or any signatures on the forms comprising the patented National Fingerprint Self-capture Pack. And I agree not to request compensation from the person whom I will have thus assisted.

Nondisclosure terms: As additional consideration for my fee I agree to neither mention nor in any way disclose the fingerprint related procedures or pricing of NFp or of my employer to any person I or my helper may fingerprint for NFp.

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